Need to cancel your session?

There is no fee within a 20 hour window, simply cancel online, via email or call/text Renée.

All sessions cancelled within 4 hours are considered attended.

What if I'm late?

Don't stress! It happens. Renée can alter your program because of the small class sizes. Please do your best to let her know you're on the way. Please note if you're more than 10 minutes late, its unsafe to participate and your session will be noted as a late cancel.

Want to book a Duet? 

Training with a friend is fun and motivating! If you are coming as an individual, we will do our best to fill the session for you. In the event that a client can't join you, the session would be offered as a Private.



What must I bring?

Socks must be worn on the high mats and apparatus, so be sure to bring some along. WE ALSO NOW REQUIRE ALL PARTICIPANTS TO HAVE THEIR OWN MAT/TOWEL FOR EACH SESSION.

Will my class purchases expire?

Yes! Because we want you to stay motivated to move. Single sessions are valid for 1 Month.

!0 class packages for 2 months.

Do my classes rollover on a membership?

No. Our membership is the ultimate lifestyle changer! By joining, you are committing to 3 classes a week, if you're unable to make it to all 3 we are unable to offer make up sessions the following week. There are no lock-ins other than the initial 4 week minimum sign up.