Are you ready?

It is highly recommended that you treat yourself to a private session if you have never before tried this magical method we call Pilates!

This will give you an hour to work and chat with Renée one on one. In the session, you will learn the principles of Pilates, the foundational techniques, the terms you will hear in class and an overview of basic anatomy. 

Private Training

One on one Pilates training is the pinnacle of an elite fitness regime.

An individually tailored program will be written for you and your individual needs as we use the whole scope of studio equipment to work towards your personal goals. 

All levels welcome.

Studio Prices:

Private - $80-$85/hour 

Beginners Classes

Is 1:1 the only pathway to start your PH journey? No! 

Perhaps Beginners Classes are more your style. We invite you to book as Beginners Classes as you feel you need. Each class will work on the fundamental Mat and/or Tower exercises. These programs are more repetitive in nature compared with regular group class programs. Repetition is the king of learning!


Alternatively, you can absolutely jump straight into our customised group classes. We program with 'layers' of intensity, from beginner to advanced options so you can practice at your pace whilst having the opportunity to be inspired by and learn from more experienced members in the group. 

Either option will allow you to develop movement confidence, precision in movement execution and the many benefits of the discipline of Pilates. We are all in this together. Come as you are.

REMEMBER: you do not have to be a certain fitness levels to start Pilates. It does not matter how flexible you are. Pilates is for all ages. All body types, shapes and sizes are perfect body types, shapes and sizes to do Pilates. You are perfectly able to start now.


$99 Intro Offer

Experience a taste of our unique training style over 4 visits

Choose any mix of our group class offering  (Beginners, Mat, Tower or Pre/Postnatal Pilates)

Attend your 4 classes over a 30 day period. 

*available to new clients