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What is Pilates?

Pilates is a method of exercise. It was originally names ‘Contrology’ by its founder, Joseph Pilates (the study of control) and was based around a set of core principles; centring, concentration, control, precision, breathing, flowing movement, alignment and commitment. Beyond the limitations of physical activity of his day (the system was developed in the early 20th century), Joseph Pilates set out to integrate the healing effects of movement with the clarity of mindfulness to achieve optimal wellbeing. Joe was a true innovator. At Pilates House, our teaching style blends both the principals, exercises and intentions of classical Pilates with contemporary Pilates.

Do I need to have experience to train in group classes?

No. Our classes are small in numbers and so variations are given on an individual basis. We do, however offer an athletic style of Pilates and so significant injuries would require 1:1 care.

What should I wear?

The stretchier the better! You’ll want to feel comfortable whilst you move in all directions so we suggest leggings over short shorts and as form fitting top as you feel confident in (This allows us to see how your bod moves during the class.Which class style should I attend first?

This is so individual and depends on your current fitness regime. You do not have to be particularly flexible/fit/strong/stable/coordinated etc to attend ANY classes at Pilates House (its our job to get you there!) however, each class has its unique objectives. Mat, Tower and Barre classes are the 3 styles we suggest to build technique, mind-body connection, get to know different exercise names, movement terms and Pilates lingo and to generally build your confidence in your own amazing potential!

Do you have a creche?

No, however we invite you to contact us to chat about the possibility to bring your little ones depending on their age, and willingness to let you enjoy the hour. Postnatal clients are welcome to bring bub along.

Can I attend a class on a ‘drop in’ basis?

No. All sessions must be pre-booked so that your instructor can best prepare for the session by customising the program to the participants booked in for the hour. There are very limited spaces available for each class so booking yourself a mat in advance is a must.