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In 2012, Renée gained the 'Diploma of Professional Pilates Instruction' through the Pilates International Training Centre and began her teaching career. 

Her teaching style leans toward athletic, contemporary Pilates training and believes that variety of movement is the key to progression. No two programs are repeated, Renée likes to keep you on your toes!

Renée is mother to two and is passionate about training women to help them develop a deep sense of strength not limited to physicality. She believes Pilates can help to empower, balance and inspire us to live our best most authentic lives and welcomes all to the studio with open arms.

Renée has partnered with the L.A-based global fitness app, Fitplan to bring her teaching method to you, anywhere anytime. Her online programs have started with bodyweight Matwork in a tutorial syle format. Renee is constantly working behind the scenes to develop her online method and to diversify the content and presentation formats. 

The main message carried through Renee's teaching style is that Pilates has nothing to do with the way we look in terms of physical ‘ideals.’ It’s more than movement, it’s a lifestyle that encourages self awareness (mind, body and spirit) THROUGH movement which changes our approach to rest, nutrition and recreation. Pilates is a way for us to connect to ourselves, in ways far deeper than muscles. Joseph Pilates named his book “Return to Life through Contrology” Her approach to training is guided by just that- not to sculpt bodies, but rather guide you back to strength so that you can inch that little bit closer to returning to who you truly are.

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